Dear friends, welcome to bukanmanasikbiasa.com; A site for anyone who wants to learn more about the way of prophet Muhammad performing hajj and umrah. We described those way in narration to give you clear understanding about both the way of hajj and the environment of two holy cities.

الحَمِيْدُ The Praiseworthy

الْمَلِكُ The Supreme Master

الالِيْمُ The All-Knowing

اَلْواسِعُ The Boundless

الحَاكِيمُ The All Wise

اللَّطِيْفُ The All-Subtle

العَلِيُّ، الأَعْلَى، المُتَعَالِ The Most High, The Exalted

الكَبِيْرُ Al-Kabeer or The Most Great

العَظِيْمُ Al-‘Adheem or The Tremendous, The Supreme in Glory

المُتَكَبِّرُ Al-Mutakabbir or The Supremely Proud

الْحَقُّ Al-Haqq or The Truth

الْمُؤمِنُ Al-Mu’min  or The Granter of Security

We’re Going Home Someday

In the end, you are the winner in sha’ Allah

The Most Beautiful Verse

اَلسَّلَام (As-Salaam or The Source of Peace)

اَلسُّبُّوْحُ(As-Subbooh or The Supremely Glorified)

My Lovely Moment in China

Find Your Happiness

May Allah Repay Your Kindness

Secret Weapon of the Believers

The benefits of seek counsel to Allah

Antidote to Grief

Saudia Body Care Cream

Kokuryu Powder; For The Graceful One

The Online manasik Program

القُدُّوْسُ (Al-Quddoos or The Holy)

الوَرِثُ (Al-Waarith or The Inheritor)

الظَّاهْرُ (Adh-Dhaahir or The Outward) البَاطِنُ (Al-Baatin or The Inward)

الأَوَّلُ (Al-Awwal or The First) and الأٰخِرُ (Al-Aakhir or The Last)

القَيُّمُ (Al-Qoyyum or The All-Sustainer)

الحَيُّ (Al-Hayy or The Ever-Living)

الرَّحْمٰنُ(Ar-Rahmaan or The Most Gracious) الرَّحِيْمُ(Ar-Raheem or The Most Merciful)

Debt; Bring Bless or Disaster

(Al-Ahad or The One and Only)الاَحَدُ (Al-Waahid or The Only One)الوَاحِدُ

الرَّبُّ (Ar-Rabb) or The Lord

اللهGlorifed and Exalted Be He

Bangkok: Brotherhood of Islam

Bangkok: Chathucak Weekend Market

Damnoen Saduak: Floating Market

Bangkok: Fight Quest

Bangkok: Halal Food

Jakarta: Meeting & Farewell

Istanbul: Misir Carsisi (Egyptian Market)

Istanbul: Bosporus Cruise

Istanbul: Leather Factory

Istanbul: Panorama Museum

Istanbul: Turkish Delights

Istanbul: Basiilca Cistern

Istanbul: Holy Wisdom of Hagia Sophia

Istanbul: Sultan Ahmet Mosque

Istanbul: Topkapi Palace

Istanbul: Eyup Sultan

Istanbul: Hotel

Istanbul: Arrival

Jeddah: King Abdul Aziz International Airport

Jeddah: Floating Mosque

Jeddah: Balad Market

Thawaf Wada ‘: A Farewell to Mecca

Mecca: Al-Ja’fariyah Market

Tan’im: Aisha Mosque

Mecca: Al-Haramain Museum

The road to Hira Cave

Thaif: Once Enemy, Then Loyalist

Gratitude: Is A Must

Ji’ronah Mosque: another historical site

My Dear Rohingya

Tahallul: The end of the Ihram ban

Mina: Stoning the Pillars

Overnight at Muzdalifah

Arafah; A Truly Melting Pot Theory

Sa’i Between two Historical Hills

The Holy Water of Zamzam

Prayers Behind Maqam Ibrahim

Thawaf: Walking Around the Ka’ba

Entering The Grand Mosque

The Holy City of Mecca

Talbiyah (English Version)

Miqat in Dhul Hulaifah

Hejaz Railway Museum

Asma al-Husna Museum

Visiting Baqi Cemetary

King Fahd Glorius Quran Printing Complex

Camel Ranch

Magnet’s Hill

Khandaq Mosque

The Unique History of Qiblatain Mosque

Mount Uhud; A lesson to remember

Madinah’s Palm Garden: What a sweet moment

Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Mariz Al-Iman Museum

Quba Mosque

The tomb of the Prophet

Raudhah, a Garden of Heaven

The holy city of Medina

Zakat Fithri in Mecca

Umra in The Ramadhan

I’tikaf in Masjidil Haram

Where do we wear ihram clothes?

The Umra

What is prohibited when you performing hajj and umra

Islam respects women

Proper dress to a woman during hajj and umra

God too has His rights

Just the Truth

Why are we happy to welcome Ramadhan?

For Happiness Seekers

Our Thanks

Only unto Thee we worship and only unto Thee we ask for help

Allah is the Only Creator

Names of Allah and His Attributes

What Is Life For?



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