Freelance Tour Leader


Ryan Mayer

Hajj-umrah’s consultant who used to be umrah mentor at PT. Arminareka Perdana and Patuna Travel; two Indonesia’s top hajj-umrah  agencies. Furthermore, Mayer also published two historical books, Yanissary Pasukan Elit Turki Utsmani and Islam di Spanyol.

Beside 17 times lead umrah’s in five years; Mayer also have valuable experienced and understanding about another tourism destination like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Turkey. All have been write down in posts in

An umrah-hajj journey like a cake which rich in flavor. You could find pious atmosphere  during a journey to Mecca. But you also could enjoy relax and joyful time while visiting several destination such as Quba Mosque or Arafah. Sometimes you feel joy but there is time you will have bad mood. One of tour leader role is trying to minimize that bad mood.

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