My Lovely Moment in China

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْم


A line of gigantic ships appeared from the window; followed by red, green, or blue containers. I imagine the first Muslim who arrived in a foreign country that still not known the teachings of monotheism, namely Islam.

How they arrived with the season wind, stay for some time and trade with among the local who have not know Allah.

The peculiarity of their unique behavior, as it is built on the sunnah (the way of life) of the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), makes local people curious and attentive.

Their way of run bussiness, how to worship God, how they interact, and the courtesy that they carry.

No wonder if slowly the local asked so many things. What religion is this? And the da’i (preacher) or those who are educated in the religion are ready to explain happily. This is dakwah, explaining with burhan (argument contained in The Qur’an and the sunnah) but without coercion. One can reflect; and Allah is the only Giver of guidance. Many then convert to Islam.

Being in a place far away from home made me realize how great the service of those who preach the purity of monotheism to those who have not been converted to Islam or the one already a moslem.

In practice, sometimes we meet among these people who ask for discussion, is just to erase their curiosity. “Who is your god or why should you pray 5 times a day?”

In a visit to some non-Muslim countries (may Allah grant the inhabitants and us the blessing and guidance) this kind of discussion becomes common, even I was once called by the airport’s security chief just to explain what Islam is and what worship we perform in Mecca. I hope now the commander has become a Muslim (Allahumma aamiyn).

May Allah bless the da’i who tirelessly preach the purity of tawheed (the oneness of Allah); Whether in the Indonesia, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Bulgaria, Italy, and any country.

The train stops at Guangzhou Station. We came down with a stabbing spring rain shower.

Rain may just wet the body but this heart is happy. Not just because of the presence of umbrella sellers but also because Islam lives in the country we visit.

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