Find Your Happiness

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Have you ever woken up (maybe in the middle of night) and found your partner and children are sleeping; their faces full of peace? They are both physically and mentally healthy. Then you go out to perform ablution and find the cool water soaking your face; while in some places people do not find water to drink, bathe, or wash. You also pray at a time that the possibility of granting prayer is very great; while some Muslims neglect their own religion.

After praying you read the Qur’an that becomes the relieve of the soul as well as grace; while some Muslims are lazy to read even only one verse. Then you look around the house and find nothing is missing; while some people are crying because fire or landslide consume their house.

You also may reflect on the failure behind your business or work but the support and love from your family still abundance. How many people who suffer the same fate experience additional grief by the departure of his wife and children?

Too many things that we should be grateful for but neglected because of two things; ambition and delusion. Humans become less grateful and more complaining because they are reluctant to be grateful and submissive to Allah Almighty; whereas He is the only one able to dispel the temptations that narrow the soul. Remember His promise in Surah Ibrahim verse 7

وَإِذْ تَأَذَّنَ رَبُّكُمْ لَئِنْ شَكَرْتُمْ لَأَزِيدَنَّكُمْ ۖ وَلَئِنْ كَفَرْتُمْ إِنَّ عَذَابِي لَشَدِيدٌ

“And Remember when your Lord proclaimed ‘Truly if you are grateful I will certainly increase you (in favors); bu if you deny (My favor), indeed My punishment is severe.'”


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