The Online manasik Program

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْم


What a day for online manasik (tutorial of hajj and umrah) program that entered the fourth month. Now, I am preparing the material for the broadcast on Thursday (February 15, 2018) in sha ‘Allah.

Whatever the activities, preparing both ourself and material is good habit that must be owned by every professional. Why? Because it is taboo to look for excuses or justifications from the mistakes we made. Familiarizing these two habits will actually degrade our quality and credibility. Conversely, there are elegant ways that are worth taking; try as much as possible and pray. Fix every mistake and learn from it. Learn the characters of great people, not just how they succeed but how they survive failure. Learn also the stories of broken people or people; why did it happen to them?

“so why did people fall?”manasik online

“In order to bounce back.”

It was no more than a casual conversation between me, my mother, and my wife (the three of us manage the website is about the possibility of starting a hajj-umrah turorial program on facebook. During this time almost no one runs a similar program and we also wonder why rarely glance. Yet the opportunity within are very extraordinary. Imagine, every day there are at least a thousand (1000) people who depart from Indonesia to perform umrah; is it not this an opportunity to share the way to perform hajj adn umrah according to the guidance of the Prophet?

Of course we realize the reason why such program is rarely glimpsed. Generally, people (including in Indonesia) still think conventionally. “Shall i study the rituals of hajj and umrah while I do not go there?” Or “Someday later when im going to perform umrah or hajj I will learn the ritual, but not now!” Or “Ah, for what studying manasik, just ask the ustadz (teacher)!”

The cliche reasons above are appropriate when spoken by those who lived a century or two ago; where the hajj and umrah journey is still very expensive and spends very long time. Now, the time is much shorter and the cost is not as expensive as it used to be. Information about hajj and umrah or the holy land is also easily accessible via the internet. The less one is the willingness to learn. Is not the hajj part of the five pillars of Islam? And are we not interested to explore the fifth pillar of Islam? Or go back to one of the cliche reasons above?

Although many conventional-minded but not meant online manasik deserted enthusiasts. At first we posted a simple ad on facebook that sounds like this, “Dear friends, we would like to run a specific program about way to perform hajj and umrah; would you like to join it?”

Alhamdulillah we get positive response. There are indeed lovers of the hajj-umrah popping up and until now still faithfully accompany us on Thursday morning. On average they are people who have ever perfomed the pilgrimage (hajj or umrah or both) and always miss the atmosphere of the two holy cities. In addition to these two types of public, there are also those who have never departed but are waiting for the right time. Last but not the least, there are also those who are in the spirit to deepen the science of religion. It is with these extraordinary people we have an online manasik.

Now the half-serious and half-joke conversation had come true. How many strange ideas that are extraordinary when practiced. Salman Al-Farisi with his idea of making a trench that suround Medina. Sultan Muhammad Al-Fatih who made a highway on a small hill to move 70 warships. These two ideas were strange for most people at the time. But when it applied? Coalition forces were frustrated to cross the trench. Conversely, the giant chains stretched at the entrance of Constantinople actually make the Byzantine fleet in the same area as the Ottoman fleet that sailed over the hill.

Dear friends, if you are interested to to join the manasik online, you can visit our facebook account at: It will be held every Thursday morning at 07.00 am (Indonesia time). And of course it is free.

Your presence is an honor for us.

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