Jakarta: Meeting & Farewell

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْم


My heart was flowering due to arrival at Soekarno Hatta International Airport. Imagine, after traveling four hours to Istanbul, waiting for the transfer time of approximately four hours, and then fly to Jakarta for 12 hours; it feels like this body is crushed. Indeed, during the trip I had several times to sleep but still tired extraordinary. This tired of my experience can not be treated only by rest and eating; it takes more than that. It takes an encounter with a beloved parent, wife, and child to treat it.

We got off the plane and walk through the same boarding room we used to the depart. It struck me as a picture of Mr. Rudi who panicked because his tote bag was left in one of the chairs. He was not allowed to get out of the plane until I was just about to get in behind him. Alhamdulillah brown bag containing money and mobile phone is still there. As I went down the escalator to the check-in counter I remembered that our party was lining up at some counters. Some people ask a lot of things ranging from technical to what the name of the hotel in Istanbul to how the law of a woman who arrived in Makkah but still in a state of menstruation. Going back to the earth is a sign of our coming closer to our beloved family; but on the other hand it also became a sign of separation of entourage containing these fun people. In about an hour we will return to each other’s lives and don’t know whether could be meet again.

Finished with passport check, we went to bagagge conveyor and alhamdulillah the pilgrims obeyed my last instructions in Jeddah. “Arriving at the conveyor, you immediately find any trolley, just waiting for the arrival of the suitcase.” I also instruct the pilgrims to take their own belonging or their relatives only, no need to take care others property. It doesnt mean i encourage them to be individualistic, but the psychological condition of the pilgrims in this conveyor has changed. They have been missed their family and want to get home quickly. They become so sensitive and seem to forget to spend time together in the Holy Land.

Finnaly the pilgrims got their own trolley. The next instruction is one of the family members standing next to the conveyor and collecting their family belonging while another member of the family watching the trolley. Sometimes there are people who think our trolley has no owner thus taken away. Finished with the belonging, took trolley to a place far from recently-crowded conveyor . wait there until me and Taufiq collecting zamzam boxes. Our favorite place is near the entrance of the conveyor. I routinely instruct pilgrims not to scramble when taking zamzam, be patient and do not have to imitate other groups that are sometimes violent. “We’re recently back from The Holy Cities, it is worth to act violent?”

Alhamdulillah they obey my order. First came Mrs. Yuyun carrying eight passports representing the number of his entourage. The passports then checked by Taufiq and changed with eight white boxes containing 5 liters of zamzam of a given number of passports. After that came Mr. Anwar and Mrs. Ani, Mr. Bakri and Mrs. Rosa, Mrs. Erni and Granny Ema, and lastly Doctor Keiko and four members of her family. Alhamdulillah without any fuss zamzam division was completed. We all embraced each other and say farewell before went home.

I recalled the moment we were having a dinner in a lounge. My congregation, 19 people of five families were also eating dinner at separate small tables. Some of them use the rest of the time before boarding for massage. Everything is still divided into small groups that just peek at each other and wait for the response of the other side.

“We will boarding at 8 PM, okay?.” Taufiq said.

“Okay. But i am gonna eat first.”I replied as I glanced at the buffet table containing green vegetables, fried sausages, and soup pans. When I could not decide which one prefer, my hand had already grabbed a bottle of cola. Done with the cola and it friends, I stood up to the center of the room to give direction. An important thing that can affect the continuation of travel to return home to the country. “Ladies and gentlmen, may i ask your attention please?”

The gentlemen who were staring at the television turned, as well as couples who are sipping coffee or tea. Three people who were leaning lazily on the massage bench suddenly straightened up like soldiers. A small circle was formed around me. Right in the corner of my eye, three of my friends put a half-respectful face half giggled. “Dear sirs and mams.” I said, turning to the whole congregation who seemed ready to receive direction. “We’re going to a place so far away. Tired and away from family. Certainly in this long journey we will experience fatigue or unpleasant things. Things that do not necessarily fit our desires. But do not make them an excuse to do bad to fellow travelers ” Both pilgrims and masseuse, the waiters, and my friends are now listening with a serious face.

“On the contrary, we make this journey as a means to beg Allah’s help and ask for what we desires. Is it not the same as a request we apply during the prayer? ” The lounge is quiet. All voices were lost entirely except the airplane dizzy sound outside the window. “We can travel every day but there will never be any similar departure. Each one has his own story and will not be repeated. So let’s leave us this happiness blessed by God. “I paused then went on,” Did not we travel to worship God? ”

Some nod and some say, “Understood.”

“So remember two things that will make our worship acceptable to Allah. Even these two things are also the keys to our salvation in the world and the hereafter. Both are sincere to Allah and imitate the worship practices and taught by the Prophet.”I pause for a moment before continuing,” Remember also two things that can destroy our worship and our life. That is rejecting the truth and belittling people. Both are arrogance. Was not the devil driven out of heaven out of pride? So keep away these two things. ”

The pilgrims seemed increasingly enthusiastic. “May Allah bless our departure and receive our deeds of worship. It also saves us both in the world and the hereafter. ”

“Aaamiiinnnn.” The audience replied in unison.  “Last but not the least. I want to share copies of my book. This copy contains a brief history of conquest of Constantinople or Istanbul. Because there are five families then I give each one a copy.”

A white-haired man, a tall old man, a light-eyed young mother, a father with an aura of dignity, and a glamorous looking young mother each approached and received a copy of my book. “Well ladies and gentlemen, let’s proceed to boarding room. Please follow Mr. Taufiq.”

Back to Reality.

“Mr. Ryan, please pray for my daughter that will continue her studies in Australia.” Said Mrs. Anis. The person she mentioned was Doctor Keiko.

“Sure mam, may Allah give the best for her religion, world, and hereafter.”

Mrs. Anis smiled and turned away. But just one step she came back to me, “Three years later i’m going to hajj with this travel. May you could guide us.” She smiled pleasantly.

“Allahuma aamiyn. It is an honour for me. Please pray for us to meet again during the hajj ”

Mrs. Anis and her family went away, and they were the last group left me and Taufiq. We both walked out while pushing the trolley with my suitcase and some bottles of zamzam. After passing through x ray gate, Taufiq also asked permission to return to the office. I am slipping a US Dollar as a thank you form. He smiled and left. Now I am alone. Pushing trolley to mosque to performed maghrib and isya’ prayers before going home. May Allah accept our deeds. May Allah make ease each readers who want to visit two holy cities or return there. And may Allah benefit me and the readers from this simple paper. No ivory is not cracked and I realize there must be a shortage of this article. So I beg God’s protection from harm to Muslims. I also seek His protection from the evil of those who are envious and looking for the fault of others.

سُبْحَانَكَ اللهُمَّ وَ بِحَمْدِكَ أَثْهَدُ أَنْ لَا إِلٰهَ إَلَّا أَنْتَ أَسْتَغْفِرُكَ وَ أَتُوْبُ إلَيْكَ

(Subhanaka Allahumma wa bihamdika, asyhadu an laa ilaaha illa anta, wa astaghfiruka wa atuwbu ilaihi)

“Glorified be You, O God, I praise You, I testify that no god is entitled to be righteous except You, I beg forgiveness and repent to You.”

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