Thaif: Once Enemy, Then Loyalist

Image: Ryan Mayer’s document.

A few years ago my friend Syafii told me about his visit to Thaif. So interesting his story that i was seduced to follow his footsteps. Alhamdulillah in the month of Ramadhan i had the opportunity to visit the city.

Departing around seven in the morning, the journey from Mecca was taken within two hours. Driving a coaster driven by Majid, an Egyptian driver whose face reminds me of Sean Connery, the road to Thaif is filled with hills flanked while a gray highway lay between. Almost all pilgrims in the coaster were sleeping, so as my friend and guide, Umar. It’s not something  strange due to Ramadhan which night lived by tarawih (night prayer perform by congregations) prayer in the Masjidil Haram or The Grand Mosque.

In the town that was almost thrown by the mountain by certain angel we visited the Abbas Mosque, fruit market, also the zoo. I myself was amazed by the hospitality of the people of Thaif whose ancestors impounded the prophet and Zaid bin Haritshah with stone and animal dung when they invited them to convert to Islam. Glory be to God who sent a great apostle. When the mountain angel knew of the inhabitant’s act, he faced the prophet and volunteered to impale the city using two mountains. In spite, the prophet prayed that from those people born a righteous descendants. This is the first prayer of goodness from the prophet to the people of Thaif (the second prayer occurred on the occasion of the siege of Thaif).

His prayer was answered by God. When the prophet died the whole tribe of Arabic apostates except Mecca and Medina. The people of Thaif were attempted to apostatized but one of them shouted; reminded that they were the last to convert to Islam. Do not let them become the first out of Islam. The population were waking up and since then till now the Thaif are among the devoutest moslem in Saudi Arabia.

In addition to its friendly inhabitants, the city which is famous for Hajjaj bin Yusuf and Muhammad bin Qosim (the Muslim commander who opened the country of Pakistan) is also awarded a cool air approaching the cold. I visited Thaif in the summer when the temperatures at dawn reached 41 degrees Celsius. Different from Mecca or Medina, hardly hot in Thaif except for the sunshine.

I advise you to visit Thaif, a city which is always cool all year regardless of what season, in sha’ Allah. A City that becomes the Royal Family’s choice to get through the extraordinary Saudi’s summer.

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