My Dear Rohingya


ternak unta
Image: Ryan Mayer’s document.

A huge wave burst from the bus. Men and women, young and old; all crashing violently into the entrance of Palm Garden Medina.
So great the human tsunami i was forced to pull back.

“Ustadz (master), i’ve been blocked by the waves.” I shouted to Ustad Ali who was standing across the street.

“Fear not! I’m coming.” The handsome man of Arab descent suddenly broke through the group, like American soldiers passing a river in Vietnam.

Being encouraged, i also crashed the waves until we met in the middle of human currents who looked surprised. They even more surprised when we embraced.

“Who’s your guide?” Ask Ali.

“Wahyudi.” A few steps behind me smiled a very tall man for the size of Indonesia. For me Wahyudi is a Madura (one of tribe in Indonesia) speaking Russian.

“What about you master?” I asked back.

“Abu Nashir, likewise.” He answered behind fancy sunglasses.

“Abu Nashir?” Not finished talking, came a middle-aged man out of nowhere. The way he comes similiar to the appearance of a quiz show host. “Assalamualaikum” he said by diluting the letter mim (m).

“Abu Nashiiirrrr ….” it did not take long to embrace the middle-aged figure that i respect. The gray haired local guide is among the first wave of Rohingnya refugees in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“How are you?” He asked.

We were immediately immersed in the nostalgia, asking each other about family, and sipping the bitter tea under the palm trees.

Talking with Abu Nashir means speaking three languages. The first sentence must be Indonesian, continued by Arabic, and in the middle will always words of Rohingnya.

His face is full of smile but i can see something else in his gray eyes. The look on the father’s of some hafidz (person who memorizes all verses in The Qur’an) looks tough, sincere, unrepentant, decorated with a bit of grief.

He is the first generation of refugees who have escaped from Barma (as they call Myanmar) and sometimes they call themselves Barmawi meaning Burmese.
May Allah guards Abu Nashir and other Barmawi Moslems, as well as Moslems throughout the world.

May Allah bless the Saudi’s who protects the Barmawi and other Moslems fleeing the Soviet (like the Uzbek) and any countries who also provide protections.

May Allah destroy the perpetrators of genocide as He destroyed the pharaoh and his followers.

My dear Rohingnya… my dear Barmawi… may God glorify and win you.

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  1. iArtichokeu berkata:

    Love your writings man!

    Disukai oleh 1 orang

    1. Mayer San berkata:

      im flatter man. so how many fire flies i got? 😁😁😁😁


      1. iArtichokeu berkata:

        Hahaha. No problem. I’d say… 5 fireflies! xD

        Disukai oleh 1 orang

      2. Mayer San berkata:

        wow….thanks man. success with your book review😇😇😇


      3. iArtichokeu berkata:

        Thanks so much!

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