Overnight at Muzdalifah

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Satisfied after hanging out at Arafat, we continued the trip to Mosque of Ji’ronah. There is a feeling of sadness when leaving Arafat; due to it status as the place where final verse of Al-Qur’an (Surah Al-Maidah verse 3) revealed. “… On this day I have perfected for you your religion, and have I favored you to My favor, and I have pleased Islam to be your religion.

On the way we pass through the Muzdalifah area which is on Hajj season used as a place to mabit or overnight. In the reguler times what appears in Muzdalifah is only empty white tents equipped with air conditioning. But if we are in the same place on the 9th of Dhu al-Hijjah (during the wukuf time of hajj) we will find an unending stream of people coming from Arafat.

In Muzdalifah, pilgrims do not have any activity or worship except rest and sleep. This is called mabit or overnight. Some pilgrims use time to search for pebbles in preparation to throw jumrah. Actually it does not need to be done because in Mina we can easily finf plenty of stones, in sha’ Allah. Suffice it for us to follow the example of the Prophet who went there solely for the night. He does not stay up late or live the night with any activity, so it is his guidance that is most worthy of our example at mabit.

Overnight and rest at Muzdalifah is important because the next day we will move towards Mina to throw jumrah. In theory, throwing jumrah on the first day only takes place in Aqobah; but it is so naive to somebody that imagine the number of people there only a thousand. The fact is there are more than plenty human that it is impossible to count.

The next day, as the sun rises the pilgrims begin to move towards Mina; as for women and weak people allowed to go to Mina before sunrise as exemplified by one of the prophet’s wives, Ummul Mukminin (mother of the believers) Ummu Salamah.

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