Asma al-Husna Museum

museum asmaul husna

I was walking to the gate 15 which is located in the west side of the Nabawi Mosque; near to the hotel i stay. The air was still a bit cold even the gray and blue marble floors looked like a frozen lake. You can see anywhere many Bangladeshi women slept under the large white umbrellas that could be closed automatically. Inevitably I have to pass this area because it is in line with the hotel.

As the sun appears, those who are deeply dressed in colorful saris woke up. Meanwhile in the same place, some of the Pakistani youth seemed to be walking hand in hand; It seems they are newlyweds. Next to them are older people solemnly reciting the Qur’an. A few meters away a khalaqah (study group) of Algerian being held. Far ahead, an Indian or Pakistani man in blue was distributing bread to anyone who passes before him.

“Masya Allah, this guy have start given charity early in the morning.” I admire the noble deeds of him. And to honor his kindness plus to quell the rebellion in my stomach; i asked him one. A friendly smile accompanied a piece of warm brown bread when it moved from his hand into mine, “Jazakallahu khoyron. May Allah bless you.” he replied with another smile.

So a delicious bread that will enrich my breakfast is in the hand. As I approached gate 15 suddenly my eyes were fixed on the Exhibition Building of Muhammad Rasulullah Shalallahu Alaihi Wasallam that is more familiar as Asmaul Husna Museum.

During this visit to Medina I did not have time to drop by to the white building full by many calligraphy like the names of Allah. Yup, i enter it not but my mind flew to few years ago when Subhi took me there.

A student of Univerity of Madinah who currently run a hajj-umra travel; Subhi and I are both Chinese Moslem who loves adventure and business. Tall, thin, with a mole on the chin; Subhi likes to accomany me to places that are almost never included in the regular city tour schedule.

The museum exhibits photos of old time Madinah as well as some relics of the prophet’s companions. Anyone who is curious about Madinah history is obliged to visit it because there you also can find film slides of the history Madinah. Or you may have your umra with us; In sya ‘Allah we will take you to places that are not listed in the regular umra schedule.

We Like to hear from you. Jazakumullah khoyron.

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