King Fahd Glorius Quran Printing Complex

percetakan al quran

I feel a little bit upset because did not have more time to stop at the Qur’an Printing Complex; Whereas in this place we’re able get the famous Madinah’s mushaf (manuscript). So worth the value of this manuscript, a friend of mine had asked me to bring it one. “My fiancee want it as a dowry.” He said.

Within the place officialy named King Fahd Glorius Quran Printing Compex are two departments which both has their own role. The first department contains the hufadz (plural of hafidz or the people who memorizes all 30 chapters of The Holy Qur’an) and asatidz (plural of ustadz) who mastering the islamic sciences such as tafseer, Arabic, or hadith. They are in charge of checking tajwid (the correct prononciation of Arabic alphabet) and verses of the Qur’an before and after printing. They also served to translate the Qur’an into languages such as Malay, Thai, Mandarin, Japanese, English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Swahili, et cetra.

The second department is in charge of printing the Qur’an using highly sophisticated machines. Within a year they are able to print 13 million pieces of mushaf that will be distributed to the mosques, distributed for free, or to be sold.

In general the pilgrims didn’t obeject to spend more money to visit the place. With twenty Saudi Real, the driver would delightly drive you to a place that is too dear to be ignored.

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