Camel Ranch

We walked beside a white and green colored lake. Green grasses seemed undisturbed by the heat of summer. A gray water door reminds me of the city of Kudus, it’s just a bit difficult to get soto (Kudus traditional soup) here.

At the crossroads the scenery changed. The only thing that exists now is the expanse of reddish white d

camel ranch

esert sheltered by gigantic electic towers. Just below the columns wire fences stretched over the horizon while next to it a horde of camel looked nonchalantly.

We stopped at a place that looked like a junk shelter. Black or brown colored tents stand side by side with small zinc-roofed huts protected by cardboard or palm-fronds. Hole-filled couches arranged as neatly as possible under the blue sky.

Marhaban (welcome)” a tall African man in blue tunic greet us politely.

“Assalamualaikum ya Amiy (peace be upon you o my uncle),” i replied.

“Wa alaikumus salaam ya habibi (and peace be upon you too my dear)” He smiled and invited us to sit near a wooden table on which a large gray tray and several bottles of mineral water placed. As if not enough with the greeting, he also ordered a young African boy to enter the camel cage. The young man ran to open the enclosure while in his right hand hung a tray. A few moments later he’s already milking a gray camel just beside her unhappy child.

Soon the young man returned with a tray of full of brownish white milk. The scent is similar to goat’s milk while the foam that dances over the milk reminds me of shaving cream. The pilgrims smile, looked eager to try but do not want to be the first. They want me to set an example.

Ya Am, haatiy waahid. Oh uncle, give me a glass please.”

He eagerly scooped up a glass of milk before handed it to us. The pilgrims watched me drank the milk and rubbed the foam on my face. “ladies, it’s part of skincare In sha’ Allah.”

Feeling confident that the milk did not kill me, the pilgrims began to order. Some of them ask one botlle while the other ask two. The unle laugh loudly when the pilgrims wags him ten Saudi Real per botlle. Joy emanated on his face.

In the 17th verse of Al-Ghasiyah (The overwhelming event) Allah challenged man -especially those who disobeyed His command- to observe camels,

أَفَلاَ تَنْظُرُوْنَ إلَى الاِبِلِ كَيْفَ خُلِقَتْ

“Do they not look at the Camels; how they are made?”

Scientists who study camels find that it endowed with many extraordinary things. One of them is eyes that has special layer which could even resist desert storms. The lips and tongues are so thick that they able to chew thorns or cactus. In a day the camel is able to walk while carrying heavy loads of 50 to 60 km in the hot desert. Camels are able to not drink for several days because they have a water reservoir in the hump. Camels are also blessed with an odor capable of examining the presence of underground water. Those are some of the extraordinary of camels.

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