Magnetic Hill


While Wahyudi announced that we will have manasik (umra’s tutorial) schedule in the afternoon, our bus drove smoothly between three-story brown-colored buildings.

“What time?” Asked Mr. Rudi who was the most on time among us.
“Four o’clock, sir.” Wahyudi replied with his thick Madura accent.

Although my eyes were gazing at the pedestrians who crowded in the gray sidewalks, my mind returned to a journey that occurred several years ago, when i and the pilgrims visited Jabal or The Magnet’s Hill.

The atmosphere around Jabal Magnet is similar to the wild west and it cowboys. A flat and arid plain covered with nothing but barren hills. The roads are smooth and quiet but many drivers prefer to pull over to enjoy the uniqueness of the place.

Our bus stopped at the end of road which surrounded by red rock hills. The driver opened the door and the pilgrims rushed out to take pictures. One shot or two shots until we began to feel thirsty. A white and brown ice cream truck suddenly appear from nowhere. It was stopped close to us followed by an appeareance of Indian man selling ice cream and another cold drinks.

Coincide with the flow of fresh and cold cola into the throat or sweet taste of ice cream on the tongue, came also a group of cleaning service officers dressed all-green whose head wrapped in red and white kafieh (Arabic head cover). Most of them are fellow countrymen of the ice cream seller. They hope the pilgrims would be happy to share their fortunes; and thank God we are not stingy people.

After taking pictures and enjoying cold drink, our bus went towards it arrival. The driver immediately shifts the gears to a neutral position and keeps his foot away from the gas pedal; fantastic, the bus run alone althrough we were on the hill. The speed became increasing to 60 km / hour. So amazed the pilgrims that they glorified Allah, “Subhanallah (Holy God Almighty).” The prayer changed to takbir (Allah Akbar / Allah is The Greatest) when we see the scenery outside. Many cars are deliberately stopped just to roll bottles of mineral water in the middle of the road. By the help of no one the bottle roll itself toward the uphill road.

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