Khandaq Mosque

khandaq masjid

Around a kilometer from Qiblatain Mosque we’re stopped due to traffic light. I used the opportunity to show a historic place which stood near to us, “ladies and gentlements, the building in front of us is Khandaq Mosque.” A large white building like an armored knight stand firm. Behind it is the brown colored Sa’la Mountain while on each side are small square-shaped buildings that which originaly small mosques. The pilgrims gazed enthusiastically, like hungry wolfs before a pile of fresh meat. As usual Mrs. Anis asked, “And the history?”

“At the time, the the propehet and his companions dug a trench to prevent the coalition army of Quraish and its allies enter the city of Medina.” The pilgrims thrilled, “So Salman Al-Farisi suggested a strategy which applied succesfuly by Persian army. At the time this strategy was new for the Arabs.”

The Arabs used to fight by camel or horse riding in a vast area but rarely use siege machine such as giant catapult or siege tower. So as soon as the Quraysh and it Allies approached the city they were surprised to find a large and deep trench guarded by the Moslems. “Whoever try to jump over it will be struck with sword or spear; and whoever dare to enter the trench will shot down by moslem archers.”

The Battle of Khandaq or Battle of Al-Ahzab occurred in the month of Dhu al-Qa’dah in 5 Hijriyah. Unlike the Battle of Badr or Uhud which involved only Quraysh of Mecca; This battle involves coalition of Arab tribes like Banu Sulaim, Banu Asad, Banu Fizarah, Bani Asyja ‘, and the most powerful among them Banu Ghatafan. The allied forces are called Al-Ahzab or Alliance. So strong the army that theprophet decided to implement Salman’s strategy.

Things getting worse after Banu Quraizhah Jews living in the city of Medina broke their alliance. The hypocrites led by Abdullah bin Ubay play their part too. They decreasing the moslems moral by spreading rumors such Medina will fall into enemy or God will not help them. But indeed Allah help the moslem. He sent a huge storm which dispersed the coalition troops. Now the moslem turn their attention into Banu Quraizhah. They was subdued and their adult male and female were sentenced to death. As for Abdullah bin Ubay and his faction, their crimes were uncovered. The prophet and his companions knew their true color.

The official name of Khandaq Mosque is Fath Mosque. It was built by Umar Bin Abdul Aziz in the spot where the prophet dug. So why is it called the Sab’ah or the Seven Mosque? Because In addition to the Fath Mosque, there are six smaller mosques: the Salman Mosque, Abu Bakar Ash-Shiddiq Mosque, Umar bin Khattab Mosque, Ali bin Abi Talib Mosque, Fatimah Mosque, and Saad bin Muadz Mosque.

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