Mount Uhud; A lesson to remember


After fifteen-minute through the city, finaly our bus arrived at Mount Uhud which located in the suburb. “The big and reddish hill is Uhud.” I pointed out the window, followed by the pilgrims gaze. Most of them immediately took the mobile phone and started taking pictures; and as usual Mrs. Anis asks about the history.

“Perhaps you remember the moment we land in Madinah,” i recalled, “At the time Mount Uhud was clearly visible from the air. The shape is elongated like a red camel hump. It’s called Uhud because even though it looks like several mountains but in fact it’s only one.”

We got off the bus and immediately went to the graves of Uhud to pray for the 70 companions who died in Battle of Uhud. Despite got off together but only Mrs. Erni and Granny who visit the tomb. Mr. Oni’s family went directly to Jabal Rumat or Archer’s Hill while Mr. Nugie family were prefer to shop souvenir in a row of umbrella covered wagon selling henna (the ladies uses it to make temporary tattoo in their hands), dates, fatima grass (medical herb), camel’s heart (also herb), siwak (teeth cleaning twig), et cetra.

After visiting the graves I recalled the Batlle of Uhud briefly. At the time Moslems army almost win the battle if the archers do not violate the prophet’s orders. The victory that already in sight turned into disaster. 70 companions fell, including two muhajirin leaders. The first is Hamzah bin Abdul Mutholib, the prophet’s uncle who is also the most feared man in Mecca. The second is Mush’ab bin Umair; A handsome and wealthy young man, educated and adept at riding a horse. He was willing to let go of all that and choose to expelled by his family solely to convert to Islam. When he died, Mush’ab had nothing to make a shroud except a cloth he used to make a coat. When the cloth is closed on his face then his feet will be visible, and when his legs are covered it is his face that appears. Then the legs were covered with grass. The Messenger of Allah praised Mush’ab which he knew as the most fragrant and most beautiful young man among the people of Mecca.

Myself, Mrs. Erni and granny were on the foot of Archers Hill which also known as Mount Ainain. So small, low, and narrow this hill because the length is only 180 M and the extent is 40 M. At Batlle of Uhud, the Prophet placed 50 archers led by Abdullah bin Jubair on Mount ‘Ainain with the task of blocking the enemy troops from behind. The Messenger of Allah also ordered them not to go down unless they had received order from him.

As soon as the signs of victory appeared and the pagan forces fled, most archers descend the hill under the pretext of not getting the spoils of war if they remain there. Abdullah bin Jubair prevented them from going down but only 15 people obeyed his orders. What a disaster for the Muslim army, Kholid bin Walid who led the Quraish cavalry took advantage of the carelessness to spin backwards and up the hill. Abdullah bin Jubair and the rest of the troops there died. When other Quraysh forces witnessed the success of Kholid, those who had escaped became bold again. They relifted they weapon and raid the Muslim troops who were busy collecting spoils of war.

It is true what Allah ordered in Surah Al-Hashr verse 7,
وَمَا آتَاكُمُ الرَّسُولُ فَخُذُوهُ وَمَا نَهَاكُمْ عَنْهُ فَانتَهُوا
“And whatever the Messenger has given you-take; and what is he forbidden you-refrain from.”

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