Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Mariz Al-Iman Museum


I arrived at the meeting point but there were’nt a single pilgrims in sight. Instead of stunned I better went into a building just behind. An old bearded white syaikh (title of elder people or moslem scholar) called, “Tafadhol akhiy. Please, O my brother. “He greeted me with a pat on the shoulder and led me inside to join the Egyptian congregation listening to an ustadz (cleric).
“Jazakallahu khoyron ya am. May Allah repay your goodness O my uncle. ” It is a common practice among Arabs people to greet certain people whom we respect with titles such amy (my uncle), abuya/abatiy (my father), or jiddiy (my grandfather).
The ustadz was so passioned in recounting Medina’s history while his forefinger pointed at several photographs. So interesting was his review that Egyptian pilgrims listened with solemnity; Although there are one or two people who are busy taking pictures. Done with the photos, we were invited to see a large model covered with glass. Inside is a miniature city of Medina during the time of the prophet furnished with clay houses, Mount Uhud, and green palm plantations.
If i wasnt on duty, i would gladly take the tour until the end but the time had come. I asked permission and said good-bye to the syaikh at the entrance. He offered me a book about the history of Medina that I am happy to buy. Outside, Mr. Anwar and Mrs. Ani smiled under the cool of the morning of the city of Medina.

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