The tomb of the Prophet

Makam Nabi

When our group had gathered we were moving towards the exit. The closer to the door the traffic becomes slower as almost everyone faced the tomb of the prophet which is in the left side. There we greet the prophet and his two companions by saying “Assalamu alaikum, O Messenger of Allah. Wa rohmatullahi wa barokaatu. (Peace be upon you o Messenger of Allah)” while our right hand raised. After that we continued walking while saying, “Assalamu alaika ya Abu Bakr Ash Shidiq.” Then proceed to say, “Assalamu alaika ya Umar bin Khothob.” After that we came out the mosque while in our back some guards shout to the crowd, forbid those who pray by facing the tomb.
Originaly the tomb was the prophet’s home while his grave were the room of mother of believer Aisha. The prophet died there and he was buried in the same place. When Abu Bakr was about to die he asked permission to his daughter to be buried next to the prophet. Aisha allowed it. When Umar was assassinated, he also asked permission to be buried beside the prophet and Abu Bakr. At first Aisha objected because she wanted the remaining place to be hers. But she relented and allowed Umar to be buried there. She himself was finally buried in Baqi.
Now the prophet’s grave is bounded by several golden colored doors guarded by polices. The government also installed barrier in front of the polices to hinder the pilgrims get too close to the tomb. They manage the pilgrims to not stop for too long in front of the tomb, take self-portraits, or pray by facing it.
One thing to remember that we are not allowed to ask blessing or protection to every dead person. Whether it commoners, nobles, saints, or even prophets. The permissibility to intercede (to intercede through intercession) to a prophet or a righteous person is reserved only if the person is alive. If the prophet or the righteous man has die, we may only ask to other righteous people who still alive.

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