I’tikaf in Masjidil Haram

One thing that distinguishes umra in Ramadhan with regular one is a specific rite that can not be found in the other months. Only at this month we have the opportunity to perform the i’tikaf in last 10 days of Ramadhan.

I’tikaf means somebody deliberately stay in the Mosque for specific time. He or she do nothing except worship Allah.

There are two pleasures for every Muslim who perform the i’tikaf in the last ten days of Ramadan:

• Exemplifies what has been exemplified by the Prophet as narrated byUmmul Mukminin (Mother of the believers) Aishah,

و عنها أن النبي كان يعتكف العشر الأواخر من رمضان حتى توفاه الله, ثم اعتكف أزواجه من بعده. متفق عليه.

“Narated by A’ishah, that the Prophet performed the i’tikaf in ten days of Ramadan until he died, and after (his death) his wives does the same. Muttafaq ‘Alaihi[1]

• Opportunity for a moslem to get Lailatul Qadar (The Night of Honor) which happened in one of the last seven nights of Ramadan as narated by Ibnu Umar,

و عن ابن عمر ان رجالا من اصحاب النبي أروا ليلة القدر في المنام, في السبع الاواخر. ف قال رسول الله: ارى رؤياكم قد تواطأت في السبع الأواخر, فمن كان متحريها, فليتحرها في السبع الأواخر. متفق عليه.

“Narated by Ibn Umar, there are some companions of the Prophet dreaming of seeing lailatul qadar in the last seven nights, then the Messenger of Allah said,” I was shown the truth of your dream that coincided on the last seven (night). Whoever will to seek it, then seek the last seven (nights). “Muttafaq ‘Alaihi.[2]

So what should we do during i’tikaf? One can do sunnah prayers, recite the Qur’an, read religious books, or perform the tawaf sunnah. Do not forget to multiply the prayer that The Prophet taught to Ummul Mukminin Aishah,

اللهم إنك عفو, تحب العفو فاعف عني

(Allahumma innaka afuwwun, tuhibbul afwa, fa’fu anniy) “O Allah indeed You are Forgiving, You love mercy, then forgive me.”


Breaking the fast worldwide

Between the time of Ashar (afternoon) and  maghrib (dusk) you will find people in the Masjidil Haram prepare to break their fast. Almost everywhere there are two rows of people sitting opposite each other while among them a long, white cloth. Find a place that you feel comfortable and join them. Say greetings then anyone you meet either Malays, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tamil, Arab, Turkish, African, European or American; in sya’ Allah will answer and start shifting to give seats. Talk with them and as time goes by one meal and more appears. There are reddish-brown dates, round potted buns, or cream cheese. At that time you are in sya’ Allah can watch people bring a pot of tea or coffee, while others bring a box of fruit juice. If they ask you to share food or drink do it because that’s where the pleasure of breaking the fast together.

By the time of maghrib the entire congregation were ready in their respective places until the muezzin chanted, “Allah Akbar Allah Akbar”.  They chant basmallah and drink whatever is provided. You also can drink zamzam water to break the fast. Do not forget to chant the fasting prayer taught by the Messenger of Allah, ذهب الظمأ وابتلت العروك وثبت الارج إنشاء الله (Dzahaba dhommau, wabtallatil uruwk, wa tsabatul arju in sya ‘Allah) “Has lost the thirst, and the veins have been wet and the reward has been fixed, God willing.”[3]

Do not worry about running out of food because in sya’ Allah we will find the dishes actually comes more and more. Sometimes we just have to thinking the right way to show the rejection to those warm-hearth people who happily continue to offer tea, coffee, or bread.

Some time before the prayer begin, the meal began to be take away while white cloth folded. The line of men facing each other now facing the same direction (Kaaba). Thus the pleasure of praying maghrib and break the fast with people that may be we will not encounter again.

After maghrib prayer, you have leisure time until the time of isya’ (night prayer). You may go to the toilets but it is better to come back as soon as possible due to the density of people who want to enter the mosque. To find the toilet you must find a building similiar to entrance of subway. There are a pair of escalators flanking the manual ladder. In addition to this one there is also a toilet located near the Giant Clock. The building looked like a gray three-story building at the top of the entrance was a large male or female logo. The place of ablution in sya’ Allah are easier to find because once you exit the mosque there are buildings without roof in which lined water faucets.

The tarawih prayer

Tarawih or long night prayer in Masjidil Haram is not the same as in other places. Here tarawih prayers can last more than an hour. It was quite exhausting but somehow the fatigue was gone when listening to the imam’s beautiful chants. If you feel tired or sleepy then rest or perform ablution.

mak18After tarawih you can rest a while or sleep until the dawn. Similiar to the time of break the fast, it is not difficult to get food in sya’ Allah . You can get it in the shop or maybe there will be people who want to share the meal. Pray much during the fast because it is easiest time to be granted, in sya ‘Allah.

[1] Shahih: Narated by Al-Bukhari (2126) chapter al-I’tikaf Fii al-’Asyr al-Awaakhir. Muslim (1172) chapter al-I’tikaf Fii al-’Asyr al-Awaakhir Min Ramadhan. Al-Asqalani, Ibnu Hajar. Bulughul Maram, Jakarta: Pustaka As-Sunnah, p.338

[2] Shahih: Narated by Al-Bukhari (2015) chapter Iltimaas Lailah al-Qadr Fii as-Sab’i al Awaakhir. Muslim (1165) chapter Fadhl Lailah al-Qadr. Al-Asqalani, Ibnu Hajar. Bulughul Maram, Jakarta: Pustaka As-Sunnah, p.340

[3] HR. Muslim no.2055 (174), and Ahmad VI/2,3,4-5. Ustadz Yazid bin Abdul Qadir Jawas in Kumpulan Do’a dari al-Qur’an dan as-Sunnah yang shahih. Jakarta: Pustaka Imam Syafi’i, hal.106.

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