The Umra

Masjidil Haram is right in front of us. This is the place once we can only imagine. Thank God for inviting us to your glorious home. As exemplified by the Prophet, before entering the mosque we pray,بسم الله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله, اللهم افتح لي أبواب رحمتك (Bismillah wa shollatu assalaam ala rasulillah, Allahumma iftahliy abwaaba rahmatika)”In the name of Allah, may peace and salutation be given to the Messenger of Allah. O God, open the doors of Your mercy for me. ”

Before joining other moslem in thawaf area, a gigantic black box-shaped building stood in front of us. It was surrounded by thousands of people. That is the Kaaba which is the centre point of Moslem worldwide. Tears drip by themselves when watching the building that may have been only seen from the television. Never miss the chance to chant a prayer taught by the Prophet, اللهم أنت السلام و منك السلام فحينا رببا بالسلام (Allahuma anta assalaam, wa minka salaam, fahayyina robbana bi salaam)”O God, Thou art Wise, Thou art Welfare, then turn us O our Lord in prosperity.”

Then, let us carry out the umra as exemplified by the Messenger of Allah:·

Ihram. After wearing two pieces of ihram cloth in miqot (in this case we change it in Dhul-Hulaifah due to entering Mecca from that direction) then we recite the intention of ihram by saying, لبيك (Labaik Allahuma umratan)اللهم عمرة. Which means “I am full of thy calling ye Allah by performing umra.” After that we are no longer allowed to do things that belong to umra’s prohibition such as quarreling, talking nasty, kissing for husband and wife, wear headgear and close the ankles for men, wear perfumes, and do vandalism.·

Thawaf. We start the thawaf  from the pillar / angle of Hajar Aswad which is marked by a green light on the right side then say بسم الله الله اكبر (Bismillahi Allah Akbar) before walk around the Kaaba. For those who are able to kiss Hajar Aswad (The Black Stone) then kiss it, if impossible we may just touch it an kiss our hand. If it imposible either, we are allowed to wave to the Black Stone with right hand. There is no specific praying from the Hajar Aswad to Rukun Yamani. Start from Rukun Yamani into Hajar Aswad, we are ordered to recite a specific prayer, ربنا ءاتنا فى الدنيا حسنة و فى الأخرة حسنة و قنا عذاب النار (Robbanaa aatinaa fid dunya hasanah wa fil akhiroti hasanah wa qinaa adzaaban naar) “O our Lord! Give us good in the world and good in the Hereafter, and protect us from the penalty of Hell.”

When we arrive back at Hajar Aswad then repeat the first prayer (Bismillahi Allah Akbar) and when we arrive back at Rukun Yamani we repeat the second prayer (Robbanaa aatinaa fid dunya hasanah wa fil akhiroti hasanah wa qinaa adzaaban naar).

Sa’i. After completing the thawaf, we’re moving to the next room called Masa’; Where the hills of Shafa and Marwah are located. Here we will do the third phase of umra called sa’i by approaching the Hill of Shafa and read Surat Al-Baqoroh 196,إن الصفا والمروة من شعاءر الله فمن حج البيت أو اعتمر فلا جناح عليه أن يطوف بهماو من تطوع خيرا فان الله شاكر عليم (Inna shafa wal marwata min syaairillah. Faman hajjal bayta awi’tamaro falaa junaaha alayhi ayyathawafa bihimaa. Wa man tathawwaa khoyron fainnallaha syaakirun aliym.) “Indeed, Shafa and Marwah are some of God’s (Allah’s) syiar. So whoever worship the pilgrimage to the House or make a slave, there is no sin for him to do Sa’i between the two. And whoso doeth goodness to do good, then Allah is grateful, all-knowing.”

After that we say ابدا بما بدا الله به (abdau bima badaa Allahu bihi)/ I start with what God begins. “After that we go up to it then facing Qiblah while reading الله أكبر  (Allah Akbar) three times before proceed to read the next prayer, ا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له الملك و له الحمد يحي و يميت و هو على كل شىء قدير (Laa ilaaha illa Allah wahdahula syariika lahu, wa lahu alhamdu, yuhyi wa yumiytu wa huwa ala kulli syai’in qodiyr)  “There is no god but Allah, not an ally to Him. Only He has power and He alone has the praise. He gives life and He is deadly. And He is in charge of all things. ”

After that we pray individually before read the next prayer, لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له أنجز وعده و نصر عبده و هزم الأحزاب وحده (Laa ilaaha illa Allah wahdahu laa syariika lahu, an jaza wa’adhu wanashara abdahau wa hazama al ahzaabu wahdahu) “There is no God but Allah. He has fulfilled His promise. Helping His servant and He is the One who has raised the armies of the fellowship (the polytheists). ”

Tahalul. After finishing the sa’i we’ll do the last rukun of umra which is tahallul or to abort the ihram restrictions. There is two way of tahalul which had been taught by the prophet, either by shortening or bare out the hair. Both are equally legitimate but to make bald is better as stated in the hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari and Muslim, “The prophet said: الهم ارحم المحلقين. قالوا والمقصرين يا رسول الله. قال: الهم ارحم المحلقين. قالواوالمقصرين يا رسول الله. قا ل والمقصرين. ‘O Allah, bless those who shave their hair!’ They (the Companions) say ‘And those who shorten their hair O Messenger of Allah?’ The Prophet prayed again, ‘O Allah, bless those who shave their hair!’ They again said: ‘And those who shorten their hair ya Rasulullah?’ So the Prophet replied, ‘And those who shorten their hair.’ 


By cutting hair (to make short or shaved bald only for male. As for ladies, they are allowed to cut some pieces of their hair), then the series of umra is finished. May Allah accept our deeds.

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