God too has His rights

An intelligent companion -Muadz bin Jabal- recalled a wonderful journey with the Prophet,وعن معاذ بن جبل -رضي الله عنه- قال: كنت رديف النبي عل حمار”I used to ride a donkey with a prophet.”

On the way the apostle delivered a valuable lesson,فقال لي: يا معاذ أ تدري ما حق الله على العباد, و ما حق العباد على الله”Then he (the Prophet) said to me: O Muadz, do you  know what the right of Allah to the servant and what is the right of the servant to Allah?”

As a form of respect for the apostle, Muadz replied courteously,قلت: الله و الرسوله أعلم”I say: Allah and His messenger know better.”

Then the apostle elaborated his answer,قال: حق الله على العباد أن يعبدوه ولا تشرك به شيعا, و حق العباد على الله أن لا يعذب من لا يشرك به شيعا”The Apostle said: God’s right to his servant is to be worshiped alone and not be associated with anything. And the servant’ right of Allah is He (Allah) not admonish anyone who does not associate Him with anything.”

So Muadz asked the apostle,قلت: يا رسول لله أفلا أبشر الناس?”I said: O Messenger of Allah, do I have to deliver this good news to people?”

But he forbade him due to fear that people would depend on monotheism but did not do good deeds,قال: لا تبشر هم فيتكلا”The Apostle said: Do not tell them, they will depend on it.”[1]

Muadz retains the apostle’s command until his time approaches. Worried to hide a hadith, he then narrated this message so human beings could be benefit from it.

kolam ikan

Behold. Not only humans who have rights but Allah also has the right that we must carry out. Do not let us become one who continue to claim rights but are reluctant to perform obligations.

[1] أخرجاه في الصحيحين. {البخاري (2856) و مسلم (30This hadith is narrated by Imam Bukhari (no 2857) and Muslim (No. 30) in their book.


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