Allah is the Only Creator

ألا له خلق و الامر. تبارك الله رب الالمين …

“… Remember, creating and commanding is only Allah’s right. Glory be to Allah the Lord of the Universe. “(Surat al-A’raf: 54)

One essence of monotheism is the belief that Allah is the only one who able to create the universe and everything within. He also regulates the universe as well as predestinate everything. He who gives life and takes it. This understanding include the belief that only Allah able to gives sustenance to any of His servants. This belief is known as Tawheed Rububiyyah.

Rububiyyah itself is rooted in the word Rabb which means Master or Lord. So Tawhid Rububiyyah can be interpreted as a belief that only Allah able to creates, regulates, predestinates, and provides sustenance.There are more than one arguments that reinforced the claim, including:

قل من يرزقكم من السماء و الارض الميت و تخرج الميت من الحى فذلكم الله ربكم الحق, فماذا بعد الحق إلا الضلل, فأنى تصرفون.

Say (Muhammad):” Who gave you the gift, from the heavens and the earth, or who has the power to create hearing and sight, and who brought forth the living from the dead and who took the dead from the living and who governed Any business? So they say, ‘Allah.’ Then say, why do you not fear (to Him)? Such is Allah, your Lord is true, it is not after the truth but error. Then why are you still turning away from the truth? “(Surah Yunus: 31-32)

The verse contains a reprimand to the Arab polytheists who believe that only God alone can create the heavens and the earth and all its contents; Yet at the same time worship other gods.In addition to that verse, in Surah Az-Zukhruf verse 9 is also told how the Arab polytheist acknowledged that Allah as the only Creator and Giver of Sustenance,

ولإن سألتهم من خلق السموت والارض العليم.

And if you ask them, ‘who created the heavens and the earth?’ Surely they will answer ‘Everything is created by the Mighty, the Knowing. 

Without Allies

Man is so easy to be arrogant. When it gets a success it is not uncommon to blame the idea that the results he achieved solely thanks to his own efforts. There are many cases where a company built by two or more peers is involved in a conflict of interest because each member wants to take it all. On the other hand we also know that a person who pioneered a business or organization would need other people to manage their business when the business has been enlarged and widespread. A person who feels strong and tries to manage something big by himself sooner or later will must perish.

Unlike humans, Allah created and arranged all by himself. He also alone when feed His servants. Hi gives to many but His treasury never run out. Allah has affirmed this in many verses, such as in Surah Al-Baqarah verses 116-117,

They (the Unbelievers) say,” God has children. “Glory be to God, even what is in the heavens and the earth belongs to God; All submit to Him. God is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and if He wills (to create) something, then He only (sufficiently) tells him “be”, then be it.

Ibn Kathir explains that the verse goes down to refute the claims of Christians in particular and other who share the belief. If Allah has children then there must be another god as His partner. This is strictly contrary to the contents of the surah Al-Ikhlas, where Allah affirms about Himself. That He is one, He is the only place to plead, He never give birth and not to be born, and nothing will ever be equal to Him.

In the next verse (117) Allah explained that He created the heavens and the earths. One remarkable point of the verse is that Allah uses the word بديع which means the Creator of something that has never existed before. awan

“Why is the Sky Blue?”

Ibn Kathir interpreted this verse explains that the before Allah created both of them, they are never existed. The word بديع itself comes from بدع- يبدع- بدعا which means holding something new.


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